Erin McCabe

Erin started her piercing career in 2001 through her apprenticeship at Kreative Khaos. She crafted her skill along side a variety of piercers which helped her use the variable knowledge to find her own style. Growing up surrounded by the industry has made her educated on any piercing “head to toe” including dermal and genital piercings. Her passion flourished at a young age through watching her father Dave and joining the team full-time in 1998 as a receptionist. She loves watching the excitement people get when they first catch a glimpse in the mirror, or say “that didn't hurt that bad”.

Erin takes pride in developing and maintaining relationships with her clients as well as educating them on the do's & don'ts, also full aftercare of their piercing. She enjoys helping them with future jewellery selection and any question they may have no matter how old the piercing may be.

If your looking for a new hole give me a shout at the studio or email your question to Please note piercings can be on a walk-in basis but it is recommended to book your appointment to ensure the time slot is available!!